About us

Meme's Servant Heart Store

We decided to embark on this journey to start our business Meme's Servant Heart based on the Faith and love of God expressed by the two Meme's in our lives. James's 94 year old Grandmother Marie is mother to 5 and affectionately called Meme by her 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. She is loved in her church community for visiting the sick and homebound after church, always taking her homemade bread. She spread Love, Joy and Happiness wherever she went. Every family gathering she would have a loaf of bread for each person present to take home even if there were unexpected guests.

Leigh Anne's beloved mother Patricia was mother to 2 and lovingly called Meme by 5 grandchildren. Patricia lost her battle against breast cancer in August 1998. Patricia was a RN working in Home Health in Jackson TN then after moving to Tullahoma TN with her husband and 2 kids she was known within the community for her devotion to loving and caring for all in need. Pat helped start a free food pantry and clothing closet at her church and routinely paid the utility bills of those on the list to be shut off. Her laugh and smile were infectious and she loved God and his beautiful creation.

In honor of the two very special Meme’s in our lives we were inspired to pursue opening Meme's Servant Heart Store fulfilling a dream of Leigh Anne’s to utilize her love for photography to create uplifting and beautiful treasures for your home inspired by the creation of Yahuah our God. Leigh Anne has a love for photography and for the creation of the Father. Our products aspire to bring light in a weary and dark world by combining photography, Bible verses and your everyday household items. You will see the true names of Yahuah , YHVH and the Son Yahusha Messiah used in many of our products as well as the names used in secular Christianity. We hope you enjoy and get some hope and happiness from our products. You may also notice our 2 cats Leo (orange tabby) and Xena (striped Tabby) as they are the subject of lots of pictures Leigh Anne takes. We live in Middle Tennessee and absolutely love our state and the beautiful scenery although lots of our photographs are from our travels all over. May your visit to our store be a blessing to you. May YHVH bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!